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Homer Keyboard


1 Keyboard app to plan and share your Dining Plans, coffee meet ups and Movie nights with your friends. Dont switch between apps like foursqaure, fandango, Yelp, Uber, Lyft or Google Maps anymore.Homer Keyboard makes sharing with friends a cinch. With Homer Keyboard, you can chat, explore, and do things with friends. At the press of a button, Homer brings up content cards that are relevant to what you typed so you can go out, find new places to eat, get movie times, and use Homer to collaborate on plans with friends without switching from app to app to do it all within your messaging app of choice.
With Homer Keyboard you will be able to set up a get together - for a coffee, lunch, a movie, or perhaps a football game - your imagination is the limit.
Sharing the web card will allow others to join in the fun without even having Homer. Your friends can explore your shared cards for collaboration and actions like booking and Uber ride, finding locations on maps, booking movie tickets, or even finding shows over Amazon or Netflix
Features:* Communicate/Chat - Homer is a fully-functional keyboard that you can use within any of your messaging apps.* Smart Detection - Homer understands what you are typing and pushes relevant suggestions for you to share with your friends* Explore - find new places to eat, events happening near you, movie timetables, and so much more* Do things with friends - Make plans, get reservations, and Uber rides all within Homer* Quick Categories - Quick access to predefined categories such as: Dining, Drinks , Entertainment, Movies and TV shows* Planner - Pick up the time and Date that you can share with your friends* Share - Share generated suggestion cards with your friends with all info without leaving your chat
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